Brands that say "you care to give the very best."

CustomQuest Simply Care division serves a diverse and unique charities market composed of over 150,000 charities, foundations and philanthropic organizations.

Prospective clients might range from entities with funding for under-privileged children (i.e. Marine Toys for Tots); donors to support foundations serving the arts and sciences ( i.e. Smithsonian Museum of Art); to entertainment and awards gifts (Globe, Tony, Oscar); to schools and groups raising funds for world-wide causes ( First Tee/Children’s Hunger Fund/Christian Aid Ministries etc), and a number of charitable golf tournaments. Major gifts range from high-end branded products for sports; to jewelry, luggage, housewares and outdoor products.

The secret to our success is merchandising only top brands that are most desirable and have high perceived value; and then simply caring for all aspects of receiving, inspecting, wrapping, kitting and on- time fulfillment.

Fine Leathers from Tumi

The Simply Care division often works with sister company Filltek to “kit” selected gifts for a project and then fulfill the items for the event.
Breville - The Smart Oven
Tommy Bahama Herringbone Camp Shirt

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